The configuration of 3.9 km long track is quite varied. Immediately after the start follows a rapid, steep part with hard turns in Brebovnica, they are followed by five hard turns, the track is continued again with faster and more technically demanding part. The asphalt is newer; the road width is 6 m, the grip good. Almost on the whole track on the right side there will be (at all dangerous parts) installed additional double guard-rails as required by FIA rules, Appendix H.

Tehnical data

Lenght: 3950 m
Start: Todraž (420 masl)
Finish: Lučine (620 masl)
Average gradient: 5,0 %


The organizer is Avto moto društvo ZVEZDA, a moto club from Ljubljana with a long tradition. More at http://www.amdzvezda.si/

Organising Committee, Secretariat:
Honorary president: Mr. Milan Janez Čadež, Mayor - Mucipality Gorenja vas - Poljane
The chairman of the Organising Committee: Mr. Primož Tavčar.
Vice-President of the Organising Committee: Mr. Klemen Trček.

Members of Organising Committee:
mrs. Kaja Zavodnik, mr. Miran Prelog, mr. Klemen Trček, mr. Jure Milač, mrs. Karmen Prelog, mr. Matjaž Rejc, mr. Aleš Kunc, mrs. Katja Ješe.

Clerk of the Course: Mr. Jure Milač
Assistant clerk of the course: Mr. Miran Prelog, Mr. Aleš Kunc, Mr. Branko Jereb.
The first race for Hill Climb Lučine was organized in 2005 on the initiative of MOTO KLUB Buhc and it's president Viktor Oblak. Before that they organized a few Hill Climb races in Polhov Gradec. Hill Climb Lučine (GHD Lučine) takes place on a 4 kilometers section from Todraž to Lučine on the road Gorenje vas-Lučine. The track is varied and has all the necessary elements for good racing, the 180-degree turns, mild faster and longer flat sections. The length of the track is 3950 m, it's width 6 m.

In previous versions of the race we were enjoying some good presentations of drivers from different countries: Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Luxembourg, Romania, Montenegro, Macedonia ...

Every year there is about 100 drivers enjoying their staying in Poljanska dolina over the weekend.