5. 8. 2019

Final entry list

The final list of entries for this year’s GHD Lučine race, which will run from Friday, August 9th to Sunday, August 11th, is known. The route from […]
30. 7. 2019

Current entry list

10 days to race and 115 drivers registered. A lot of very interesting and fast drivers with attractive vehicles. The current entry list can be found here.
2. 7. 2019

GHD Lučine 2019 Entry forms

On our official webpage, on sub-page DRIVERS, you can find entry forms for GHD Lučine 2019. Please send the completed entry form to, till Wednesday, 31st […]


Lenght: 3950 m
Start: Todraž (420 masl)
Finish: Lučine (620 masl)
Avarage gradient: 5,0 %

Track record: FEDERICO LIBER (ITA), Gloria G8P Evo: 1:59,39